• You can choose to registration online or Offline registration. Online registration (submit profile through website/mobile)
    •   Open to www.safalrishtey.in
    •   Click on the link register here on the Home page.
    •   Fill in all details. This will increase of your profile being displayed where other members search for matches.
    •   Click on 'submit your profile' button on completion of form to complete registration. Offline registration (profile submission through network branch)
    •   You can visit our Safal Rishtey office , or call us and fill up the matrimonial registration form. (If you still can't find your answers,please feel free to cantact us 9155095888, 8709976896, 0657-2650540
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    •   100% verified matrimonial profiles.
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    •   Get complete family information.
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  • If you don't enter your personal information your profile will not be available to other users which will reduce your chances in getting success.
  • Many of people meet on our site. We've also had hundreds of marriages across many borders. Check the site for real stories of on this site .
  • No. Once you purchase a subscription, it will remain active till your validity time. You cannot hold your subscription. DO NOT use your matrimonial profile to display your contact details and do not include content that is vulgar, pornographic or racist.
  • You can visit our office and pay by cash/ D.D/ or online Banking.
    Office Details:

    H.no: 50, Ward.no: 9, Kunwar Singh path, Dimna Road, Mango, Jamshedpur.

    Bank Details:

    Bank name –CANERA, A/C.NO- 2970201000295,
    Branch: Dimna Road Mango. Jamshedpur- 12

  • Open website www.safalrishtey.in and You can choose Register Here.
  • It is necessary to fill the maximum information you have so that the prospective partner can understand your needs and can act accordingly. Also the chances of your marriage success will enhance proportional.
  • You can change most of the information on your profile by clicking on to edit icon. However, you cannot change your Username, Date of Birth, Gender or Caste.
  • Yes, you can delete your profile yourself or send an email to info@safalrishtey.in or call us and we will do it for you.
  • If you have deleted your profile, you will have to create a new one. You will not be able to use the same user ID and e-mail ID as that gets occupied under your status and becomes inactive after deletion.
  • A client no. / profile ID is a unique number. To identify you uniquely, a client no. / profile ID is assigned to you when you register with us. This client no. / profile ID is to be referred in all correspondence to safalrishtey.in
  • We will upgrade your profile as soon as we receive your payment which may take 24 to 48 hours. An e-mail confirming your upgrade will be sent to you.
  • Yes, you certainly can!
  • Yes, you can get contact details of the selected profiles as mentioned in the Membership Schemes at our office.
  • Please send us an e-mail with your & your spouse’s client no. / profile ID & we will do the needful.
  • Yes, you can make a profile on behalf of your relatives or friends.
  • You can write to us at info@safalrishtey.in or share your feedback with us and we will surely help you out.
  • You have the option of uploading your photograph on My Profile Page. You can upload maximum of 4 photographs.
  • Upload the picture from your computer/mobile
    1. Login with your safalrishtey ID
    2. Click on "My Profile"
    3. Click on "Upload Photo"
    4. Click on the "Upload Photo" button, select a photograph you want to upload from your computer/mobile and click on "Upload". You can upload up to 4 photographs and choose any one as your default photo. Also, you can choose any of the privacy options provided at this stage.
  • Yes, it is absolutely safe to add a photograph to your profile as we have ensured that the privacy controls remain in your command. All your posted photographs are coded and tamperproof.
  • The login and logout options are found at the top right corner of safalrishtey.in Please note that you can now login using only your email Id which you have used while registering with us.
    1. Login procedure: Simply click "Login". Enter your Email id and password and login to your safalrishtey.in account
    2. Logout procedure: By clicking on the top right corner, you can opt to logout from your safalrishtey.in account.
  • No, you cannot change your email id once you created.
  • Yes, it is absolutely safe to add a photograph to your profile as we have ensured that the privacy controls remain in your command. All your posted photographs are coded and tamperproof.
    1. Login to safalristey.in
    2. Go to your profile.
    3. Go to "Profile Settings".
    4. Click "change password".
    5. Provide your old password, then new password and re-type new password.
    6. Click on "Submit".
  • Click on the "Forgot Password" link on the login section and enter your "Email address". Your "Matrimony ID" and "Password" will be mailed to you immediately. Your Email address should be the one registered with us. Also remember to reset your password after we send you the new password in mail.
  • This is auto- generated unique ID. A user can see your profile details by inputting the profile ID in the given profile ID box. This unique ID is for every individual person who registers on safalrishtey.in.
  • There are email alerts, call Alerts and SMS alerts to which you are automatically subscribed at the time of registration.
  • We regret the inconvenience if any, while using our services. We request you to report the error to our Customer Relations team with the following details:
    1. The URL, which leads to the error message
    2. The error message
    Also, you can write to us at info@safalrishtey.in, along with your profile ID, contact information and the screenshot of the error. We will do our best to fix the issue.
  • If you have noticed anything on the site that you believe is violation of our terms and conditions, then please write to us at info@safalrishtey.in to bring it our notice. Our moderation team will review it and take necessary action as soon as possible.
  • By adding info@safalrishtey.in to your address book, you make sure that Safal rishtey is now in your contact list. Hence, you'll receive all important notifications and alerts right in your inbox and thus, avoiding the possibility of such important mails landing in your spam.